Multiple designs of linux and hard to choose

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I want to use Linux operating system and for this I need some expert and informative suggestions. Currently there are various version of linux is available and there are too many complications and I cannot begin to think which one to take. Kindly someone provide me with their honest suggestions.

Alonzo Smith

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Multiple designs of linux and hard to choose



Hello Alonzo.

I completely understand your confusion in selecting the Linux distribution (or "distro" for short) that's right for you.  Here's a few distros which I have personally used.  Being more of a power Windows user and just a casual Linux user myself, I think these are the best distros to help you get started learning Linux:

1.  Ubuntu Linux – This is by far the most popular distro of Linux in terms of ease of use and accessibility.  This distro, in my opinion got casual desktop users interested in Linux with its LiveCDs, friendly graphical interface, ease-of-installation and its comprehensive suite of software packages that is enough to get people started on their daily desktop routines.

2.  Linuxmint – This is based on Ubuntu Linux and has certain improvements over Ubuntu particularly in the looks and ease-of-use department.  Unlike Ubuntu, Linuxmint already has codecs installed so you can start listening to mp3 music and movies right after installation.

3.  Pinguy OS – This is also based on Ubuntu.  This particular distro boasts of working right "out of the box".  It has many useful applications installed by default so only minimal customization is required after you have completed installation.

4.  Fedora – This is the second most popular Linux distro due to its roots as Red Hat Linux.  Fedora has support for the latest hardware.  If you have a new computer with hardware that other distros do not support, your best bet is to use Fedora.


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