Multiplayer gaming and its advancements

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What do you mean by second life application?

What is the role of it in multiplayer gaming?

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Multiplayer gaming and its advancements


Second Life is a 3D virtual world where each “Avatar” you meet is a real person and every place you visit is built by a normal user. The software has a three-dimensional modeling tool built-in to it, allowing users to build virtual objects.

In this virtual world you can create, dress up and design a 3D version of yourself, choose designer clothes that you can choose from its marketplace with virtually limitless options.

The good thing about Second Life is that their user would still have copyrights to any content that they create inside the virtual world. Second Life has a big role in multiplayer gaming since it attracts both casual and hardcore gamers.

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Multiplayer gaming and its advancements


When I first visited the site I thought it was an online game because of the images displayed.

But I learned that it is not. Second Life is somewhat like a social networking site presented in a virtual 3D world where each users can freely socialize, and connect with other users all over the world that share the same interest using text and voice chat all for free. You can create your own world and share it with others that share the same interest.

You can enter a world created by other users with endless possibilities and live a life with no boundaries or restrictions unlike in the real world we live in. You are only guided by your imagination. You and your friends can travel to thousands of stunning and exciting places which are all created by the community of users using Second Life. Some of the hot places available and can be visited are:

  • Wajo Hill
  • The Houses of Parliament
  • Wet Willie’s Rock Club
  • Sexy Islands
  • London Lezbo
  • Infernal Ville
  • Urban Legends
  • Big Daddy’s ‘80s Club
  • London City
  • Brasil Rio
  • Frank’s Place
  • Two Moon Paradise
  • Element the 8th
  • Nelson’s Column in London City
  • London City New User Area
  • Crossroads
  • The Crossroads
  • Demonic Night Club
  • Bar SoHo
  • Madame Lala’s London Revue
  • Kingdom of Sand
  • Freebie Galaxy
  • City of Lost Angels

If you want to see and feel what it is, visit Second Life® Your World Your Imagination.

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