MS Windows Vista unexpected shutdown error

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Hello Experts,

One time, I got this error message (see below) on my Windows Vista PC.  Since then, I noticed that my PC becomes slow and intermittently hangs then eventually this error message shows up.  I am really annoyed with this problem which ended me up changing my anti-virus, removing other software but the error message still pops.  Please help me. 

Do I need to upgrade?

Microsoft windows

Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown

Windows can check online for a solution to the problem

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MS Windows Vista unexpected shutdown error


You might be infected by viruses and you also might not have any antivirus installed in your computer that's why this is happening.

Solution 1: Install any anti virus software on your computer and then scan you whole system. This is you first option to avoid reformatting your computer at first. Also try to go on the Safe Mode by continually pressing F8 during the boot process. Then stop all start up by going Start, Run then type msconfig, then select the Start up tab and then uncheck any unnecessary start up.

Solution 2: You can now try and solve the problem by one way only if there is no improvement, through reformatting of course. You can do it yourself if you have the installation CD or just simply ask someone that has a better knowledge on how to reformat. You can also look in the internet for instructions.

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MS Windows Vista unexpected shutdown error


If you are using a genuine Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, you can click the check for solution button then Microsoft will suggest some options for you to fix the error.

Sometimes error or BlueScreen error occurs not because of Virus infection. We always suspected the virus infections when it comes to this kind of error. But off course that’s right because the number one problem of computer is virus infection. But this error might occur with a hardware problem. You may check your memory modules as well as the video card memory. If the memory contains bad blocks this error is possible to occur.

If after doing this solutions, added to it is scanning from viruses, still the problem persist, better to format or re-install a new clean operating system. Burning your brain solving for this problem is a head ache. The best is re-formatting! If after all the problem persist, let the expert do it for you.

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MS Windows Vista unexpected shutdown error


Hello Vincent,

For what I know from my experience from vista in that it is an 'unfinished version' of windows 7. I think it has a lot of important modules missing, that is why you install it you need to install a vast variety of other Software's to make it complete and working. So I will suggest that you upgrade to windows 7, and upgrading in this case I mean performing a complete reinstallation to put windows 7 as your operating system. Vista has a lot of bugs, I have used and therefore I have the experience of how annoying it can be.

Windows 7 is much lighter, has a to of features that are not present in vista and trust me, you will love using it.


Lee Hung.

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