MS-Excel 2007 Unexpected Error:AutoRecover has been disabled

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Our company is now implementing some re-engineering for our accreditation. All our computers has been replaced by new ones, and new version of operating system was installed so as Microsoft Office.

When I opened Excel files from older version using Excel 2007, there was an error pop up on my screen that says," An unexpected error has occurred". AutoRecover has been disabled for this session of Excel, and when I clicked on OK button Excel exits.

An unexpected error has occurred. Auto Recover has been disabled for this session of Excel.

What I did was, restart my computer and boot again. When I opened the same file same error appeared.

I also tried to open another file that was saved from an older version, still same error appeared.

Please help on how to open older version of Excel files.


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MS-Excel 2007 Unexpected Error:AutoRecover has been disabled


I have read this post from george23 here on this forum.

This error seems to be caused by differences in the OS on the computers. If your old computers were XP and the new computers are Windows 7, then that could very well be one of the reasons why the error occurred. It also stated that the errors are also caused by using different browsers on the file.

I've also read on a forum before as well, that an application called Silverlight also helped with these problems. The computers without the application caused the appearance of those characters on the excel files after saving them. Here is the link to his post.

Also try re-installing Excel, it worked for me.:)

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MS-Excel 2007 Unexpected Error:AutoRecover has been disabled


Hi good day,

This issue is due to upgrading of Microsoft Excel from the old version to the new version. But you can’t open the file of Microsoft Excel because of some error occurred.

To resolve this kind of problem you uninstall the new version of Microsoft Office and install back the older version of Microsoft Office.

Then after installation, insert the new version of the Microsoft Office CD installer into your CD-ROM and Setup, then on your screen  UPGRADE Microsoft Office will show. Just click on OK or Yes. After upgrading your Microsoft Office, open your file and it will work.

Thank you.

Hope this helps.



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