MS Access Office 2007 please help

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I am Kantomas.

I face a problem when I make a database in MS Access. I use office 2007 and I know how to work in MS Access. Some days I face a problem. When I work on Access my data doesn't save & shows me a message

"This data could not be saved please use office 2000".Oh, btw, my operating system is Windows 7.

I haven't saved any data from 1 month. I reinstalled this software but the computer still shows the same message. I don't understand. I want to solve this problem. So my question to this web site is

"How can I solve the access problem?".


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MS Access Office 2007 please help


Microsoft Access Error Message: “This data could not be save”

  • There are so many reasons why your data could not be saved. First consider the length of the data field you are saving in, second is the type of the field or data type, third is to consider the punctuation and lastly the size of your database.
  • Let us discuss all of the factors I have stated above one by one.

Length of the data field you are saving in. If you are saving or storing data in a string data type, the maximum length allowed for the string data type or in a text field is 255 characters while on the Memo field allows up to 65,535 if you are directly encoding data inside the Microsoft Access Interface. But if you are saving data inside a program or hard coded saving of data it allows up to 1 GB.

Depending on the size of your Text field, the size of Text field can be 1 or more but not more than 255. If you set your text field size to 100, input text must not be more than 100 characters.

The type of the field or Data Type. Microsoft Access doesn’t permit to enter a data that doesn’t match the data type of the field. For example entering “ABC” on a Date field is illegal. You can enter numeric to a Date field as a date serial, also accepts string when the data input is in date time format. Numeric field doesn’t also accept string inputs even if it is in numeric form and entered as string – that is illegal.

All data types especially in numeric have its limitations in sizes or values. A Byte numeric field doesn’t accept numeric value of 65535 because 65535 is more than the size of a byte data types. Please refer to Microsoft Access Help for the data type maximum and minimum values.

Punctuation Especially on Text Fields and Memos. Punctuation is used to save data so that your program may identify the whole context of your input data. For example you are saving data like this:

  • The dog barks “aw-aw”.

To save the above text into a text field you need to enclose the text with quotations (“,”) on both ends of the text. The text now looks like this: “The dog barks “aw-aw””. Saving this data programmatically is illegal. You must put or replace the quote inside the string with “” (double the quote). Your string will be “The dog barks “”aw-aw”””. That’s the correct way of saving text input with quotation.

The Size of your Microsoft DataBase. This is the most important thing to consider when dealing with Microsoft Access as your back-end. The maximum size of your database must not be more than 2 GB. Microsoft Access database has its limitations in size even in tables, forms macros and may more.

Please refer to Microsoft site for Microsoft Access Database limitations when it comes to sizes. Find it here.

1. Open your database on Microsoft Access Application.
2. Click the Microsoft Office Ribbon.
3. Select Manage
4. Select Compact and repair database.

Deleting records doesn’t actually delete the record. It will get stored on a hidden table which makes your database bulky. To work for this issue, you must make your database compact. In Microsoft Access 2007, compacting makes as follows:

Microsoft access well then clean your database and permanently deletes the deleted items hidden inside your database. Doing this will also repair or fix indexes.

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MS Access Office 2007 please help


This software, MS access is related with many files in the system. When the system files get mis-configured this MS Access also try to give many errors. I think this is also a problem like that.

So to solve this problem you have to restore the system.

If it didn’t work format your system.

When the time passes these kinds of errors occur, to avoid that reinstall your system once for 3 months.

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