Mouse button single click is double clicking

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I've got a mouse from Microsoft and the problem is every time I click the button once, it responds as I'm clicking it twice.

Even if I press the mouse button gently,response will still be the same.

My mouse model is Microsoft Mouse 7000.

I hope I can find the right answer

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Mouse button single click is double clicking


There could be a few reasons to why your mouse ain’t responding correctly.  It could range from a driver problem to even gunk which is causing your button to screw up.  In the worse case scenario, it could be some circuit in your mouse that is spoilt.

What you need to do first is to isolate the problem.  Try using another mouse to see if the problem persist.  If it persist, you will know that the problem do not lie with your mouse and you can take other measures.

If the problem do not persist, you can try updating the driver of the mouse from this website:

If updating of the driver still do not work, you can try dismantling the mouse and cleaning the insides.  Sometimes, gunk from your daily regimes do cause the button to behave weirdly.

Finally, if those measures still do not work, I am afraid that your mouse is spoil.  If it is still under warranty, you can bring it in to the services center for repairs.

Do note, however, I do not take any responsibility should you void your warranty when you open up the mouse for cleaning.  I do it to my mouse all the time but I do know what I’m doing and can successfully reassemble it to it’s original condition.

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Mouse button single click is double clicking


This problem may occur for the following reasons:

  • You are inadvertently double-clicking instead of single-clicking.
  • The mouse settings have been modified, either manually or by another program, to send a multiple-click command when you perform a single physical click.
  • The mouse drivers are corrupted.
  • The mouse hardware is defective.

If the problem only occurs in a particular program, troubleshoot that program.

The program may be using customized mouse commands.

CM Punk

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Mouse button single click is double clicking


Hi good day there so many reason why our must got an problem its because of the Dirt inside the mouse, the hardware is defective and need to change or the setting of the mouse.

Steps to be follow:

  1. Go to start menu go to control panel >.click mouse icon.
  2. Uncheck the “Switch primary and secondary buttons”.
  3. Uncheck “turn on clicklock”.   

If it is not work replace old mouse and find another new mouse.       

Thank you.

Hope you can do it.



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