Failure installing Windows Vista Business on laptop via USB port

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I was installing Windows Vista Business Edition on my laptop. I had to do it via USB port as there is no DVD drive in my laptop. But when I clicked the ‘Activate Windows Link, a message popped up reading ‘The key is invalid for activation’. After that I was given a choice to change the key or purchase another one. As I tried later with the same key I used before the failure message appeared again reading ‘Error Code 0xc004e003’ (Please check the attachment for details).” Do I need to buy another key or I have some other way to solve the problem. Your help will save me from a lot of trouble.

Error Details

The following information was found for this error:


The Software Licensing Service reported that license evaluation failed.


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Failure installing Windows Vista Business on laptop via USB port


If you don't have purchased windows vista key by yourself then you are definitely going to get this error message. Because the key you are trying to use will help you go through the installation process but not the online activation process.

But if you have purchased the key by yourself then this is a problem. Try to solve it by using the following steps.

First you have to try reentering the cd key for your windows.

  1. Go to Start.
  2. Right Click on Computer and go to system Properties
  3. See the Windows activation, click on Change Product key.
  4. Enter your key again which is genuine that you have purchased from Microsoft. Go through the Activation process and you are done.

There is another method, you can try activating windows via phone line.

  1. The step 1 and 2 are the same.
  2. In the 3rd step where it says Click to activate windows, go there and then select show me other ways.
  3. Click on the use automated phone system. Just follow the rest of the instructions as given after that.
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Failure installing Windows Vista Business on laptop via USB port


The full error reads “The Software Licensing Service reported that license evaluation failed.” When activating Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7 and you encounter error code “0xC004E003,” try using the “Change product key” feature and try entering the product key again. To do this, click “Start,” “Computer,” and then select “System properties” on the toolbar. In the “Windows activation” section, click “Change product key.”

Enter your administrator password when you are prompted to continue. Enter your correct product key in the “Product key” field and click “Next.” Make sure you enter your original product key. Just follow the succeeding instructions in the Windows Activation Wizard to complete the activation process. See if this works. If this doesn’t work, try activating Windows using the automated telephone system.

Repeat the same steps to access “System properties” on the toolbar and then click “Click here to activate Windows now” in the “Windows activation” section. Next, click “Show me other ways to Activate” and then “Use the automated phone system.” Follow the instructions after this.

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