Mount Encrypted Harddrive in Ubuntu

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Hi There,

I'm using HP 2540p laptop with Windows 7 Professional installed in it. I've encrypted the HDD using an encryption software called Pointsec from Check Point. If I'm not mistaken, something happened with my laptop the HDD cannot be removed from the laptop.

The problem is the I cannot enter Windows 7 and always stuck at the beginning. It gave me error message: Pointsec can not load program. I still can access the bios, but cannot access windows. I was planning to retrieve the data using Ubuntu Live. So after I downloaded the iso file from Ubuntu site and burn it to CD, I tried booting from the CD and it works perfectly. Unfortunately I can't  find the HDD in the list.

So I opened the terminal in Ubuntu and try to find out if Ubuntu recognize the HDD. I'm using 'fdisk -l' and it resulted in showing all the partition connected to the laptop. But when I tried to mount it to Ubuntu, it always failed. I'm using this 'mount -t ntfs /dev/sda2 /media/sda2' 

I've tried several times with different combinations of mount command but it' still not working. Is there anybody who can help me with this?



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Mount Encrypted Harddrive in Ubuntu



As you have encrypted your HDD, it can only be accessed if you decrypt it again. To decrypt it, you will need the Pointsec software, probably the same version and the Login details i. e. username and password that was used during the encryption. Otherwise, the data cannot be recovered. First of all make sure if you have the recovery file which was created during the encryption of the HDD.

Using it in some other computer with same version of Pointsec create a recovery disk and boot your laptop from that recovery disk to remove the encryption from your HDD. If you do not have the recovery file, try removing your HDD and connecting it to a PC with same version of Pointsec installed with same login details to access the disk.

You may also create the recovery file using that computer if it has same version of Pointsec with same login details and try the previous method.

There is a similar problem discussed in this page, Click and Check if you can find any additional help from there.

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Mount Encrypted Harddrive in Ubuntu


That’s the downside of encrypting an entire hard drive. Once a problem happened with the encryption software, you may have problems accessing your computer or decrypting your drive. The only way to access the drive again is to decrypt it using the software you used to encrypt it.

Since you can no longer log in to your account in Microsoft Windows, the best way to decrypt your drive is to do it on another computer. To try this, first, remove your hard drive from your computer then connect it to another computer. Next, on that computer, go to Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software then download the free trial and install it.

The latest version at the moment supports Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10 both 32-bit and 64-bit. Once installed, try to decrypt your hard drive. When you are finished, copy your files to another drive to back them up then connect the drive back to your computer. Format your system drive and install Microsoft Windows again.

When you are finished setting up your computer, just copy your files back to your computer.

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