Most effective scripts to hide IP addresses

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I want to hide my public IP address because I don't want advertisers to creep into my system and intruders to easily access my online activities or personal information. What are the most effective scripts to hide IP addresses?

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Most effective scripts to hide IP addresses

The easiest way to hide your IP address is to use an Anonymous Proxy Server.  Proxy Servers are, simplified, an intermediaries between your PC and the rest of the Internet. Once you are connected to the proxy server, it will make requests instead of your computer so the websites you are visiting will connect its IP address instead of yours.
Internet is full of various proxy servers open for everyone to use, so you'll just need to do a simple search to find what suits you the most. 
There are also several software solutions to hide your IP address, and they all mostly work on the same basis as the proxy servers. I would suggest you to look for the Firefox extension named "switchproxy".
Only one more thing you should keep in mind – it is not possible to hide your public IP address always.

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