Moodle 2.2 Course Management System problem

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I am using Moodle also known as Course Management System for free source e-learning. I decided to upgrade It first to moodle 2.2 but later I uninstalled it and now I am building a new install: 2.2 (build 20111205). It was installed successfully. I tried to create a parent role. I got the feedback from the parents and they said that they could log in successfully, view the student profile and can even edit their own profiles. They can also change their own passwords but when they try to view the students grades they are met with an error. The error reads:

A required parameter (user) was missing

I have tried hard to fix the problems by doing various settings and following various directions and also creating a new role each time  but all in vain. The same error persists.

Actually before installing it again I was running it with the default theme and added no additional blocks. Now I have several blocks including Ajax marking, accessibility and dragNdrop. Everything is running smoothly  except this error.

I think it might be the additional blocks that are creating the error. Please tell me am I right?

Please see the screenshot of the selection and the error message below:

Please shed some light on how to fix the issue.

Looking forward to your replies



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Moodle 2.2 Course Management System problem


When doing update, you need to remove old PHP files and just keep only config.php only when doing version upgrades; you can not over write the existing files only. Please follow these steps.

1.    When deleting, updating you need to keep in your mind that you need to back-up first.

2.    After back-up, replace now the old code with the new one.

3.    Then log-in to Moodle site then go to Settings => Site administration => Notifications. It will automatically update.

Sometimes when doing upgrading, you need to consider some aspects. Check the release page for more information about this.

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