Mobilink Transfer Utility Error Message

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I’m using Mobilink File Transfer Utility. I was downloading and creating a remote database, when an error appeared on my screen.

This error message showed up when I tried to download a file :


<Main > [-10249] Could not find file transfer root directory: ‘C:mlfiletransferDL’

It was the first time I encountered this problem. When, I started the MobiLink server with the -ftr option, it normally  creates a root directory for the file to be transferred and creates a subdirectory for every registered MobiLink user, in our database. I noticed that every time I start to use it, in downloading files, this error immediately shows up.

Can someone help me fix this problem?



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Mobilink Transfer Utility Error Message



-ftr option sets file transfer directory. Above error means, error is generated when the file is not found both in Subdirectory and -ftr directory or either.

Mobilink could not find the file transfer root directory, which same thing happened in the Subdirectory, which is supposed to be done first, before going to the root directory.

Well, I assumed that Mobilink server is running and the correct option used is -ftr.  Then how about the user to be identified? I mean user credential settings for identification?

Take note that, UserID and password from the database, are to be separated from this username and the password which served as authentication, for Mobilink application. Then the files to be downloaded are correct.

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