Missing addon for ArmA 2 OA

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Recently, I downloaded HIFI and working amazing but I found that there is no sound of pulling bolt after each shot for M24 or M40A3.

Is there any way to find the Addon?

It would be appreciated to provide a proper solution to resolve this matter.

Thanks for any assistance.

Addon ‘hifi_LittleBirds’ requires addon ‘acex_s_veh_mah6’


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Missing addon for ArmA 2 OA


The Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead game is the expansion game to the original ARMA 2 game. It is a standalone expansion game that doesn’t need installing the original game to play it. In your case since you are receiving an error message something like “Addon 'hifi_LittleBirds' requires addon 'acex_s_veh_mah6” or to others it appears like “Warning Message: Addon 'hifi_LittleBirds' requires addon 'acex_s_veh_mah6”, this is because it requires the hifi_LittleBirds add-on from ACE2.

Other errors you might encounter that are associated to this one are shown below. See image.

To fix your problem, go to “HiFi_AirAddOns” folder in the game’s installation directory and delete the file HiFi_AH6.pbo or simply rename it so it won’t be accessed by the program. This will fix the problem. In case a different error appeared or one of the errors below appeared on your screen:

  • Warning Message: No entry 'binconfig.bin/CfgWeapons/MakarovSD.scope'.
  • Warning Message: Error: creating weapon MakarovSD with scope=private
  • Warning Message: No entry 'binconfig.bin/CfgWeapons/MakarovSD.simulation'.
  • Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array.

Navigate to “HiFi_Weapons_LongAddOns” inside the game’s folder then locate HiFi_PMSD.pbo. You need to either delete or rename the file so it can’t be accessed and fix the game. This is a configuration problem actually. See the rest of the errors below.

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