Microsoft windows home server 2011

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Hello members,

Windows Home Server 2011 is for families and home with multiple computers to organize, share, and automatically backup photos, videos, music and other important documents. I am trying to evaluate with my configuration of VMware, on my laptop that is core I5 with 4 GB of ram.

The virtual machine I created for the installation consists of 2 GB of RAM and 100 GB of disk space allocation on hard.

When I run the setup, I get the error listed below.

The screenshot of the error is given below.

windows home server


Windows Home Server Setup Error

Hard drive capable of hosting windows Home Server was not found. Would

you like to load additional storage drivers?

                                                Yes                                         No

I can’t figure out how to get rid of this error.

Please help.

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Microsoft windows home server 2011



you have to shutdown VMware and then remove the original Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) disk. You have to remove it manually and from VMware. Removing it from VMware is easy; you just have to check VM settings.

For manual removal, check this site, to see how to do so.

You may also delete the contents of the disk but that is optional. Put the disk back. Then you have to create a new virtual Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) drive, using VMware. Make sure to allocate at least 65GB for the drive, for the installation to run smoothly.

I hope this comment will be useful to you.

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Microsoft windows home server 2011


Usually such kind of problem occurs, if the device driver for the storage controller on the computer, is not properly included in Windows Home Server.

The solution to this problem is to manually install a driver for the storage controller during setup. To do this, follow these steps below:

  1. Locate the drivers for the storage controller. The drivers are provided by the hardware manufacturer. The drivers may also be available on the manufacturer's Web site.
  2. Copy the drivers onto a floppy disk or a USB drive and If you copy the drivers to a folder, do not use a space in the folder name.
  3. Start the computer from the Windows Home Server DVD. Make sure that the floppy drive or USB drive is attached before you start the computer.
  4. When the Window Home Server Windows Home Server Setup Error dialog box appears, click Yes to load the additional storage drivers.
  5. In the Please select the INF file of the driver to load dialog box, locate the .inf file on the floppy disk or USB drive, select it, and then click Open.

The driver loads, and Setup continues as usual.

hope this solution helps if it does not work then problem occurs if the device driver for the network adapter on the computer is not included in Windows Home Server.

There is different solution for that. First try this, mostly this error is resolved by this method.

Good luck.

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