Regarding Content Management System software

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Hi Guys,

I've a new small biz client, who wants to create a new website that he or his staff can update, edit, and change as they wish.

My client does not have a graphics or HTML background, so I want to stay away from anything that is too techy and time intensive to learn.

I think a CMS would work well for him, but I don't know which one of the seemingly hundreds would be best. He needs easy photo inserting and editing, WYSIWYG, RSS, some widget capabilities, a blog page, and easy copy placement as well as easy formatting.

Can anyone recommend a appropriate program?

By the way, it needs to either free or low cost. Oh, and he'll host his own site


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Regarding Content Management System software


Hey there,

  • As far as free Content Management Systems go, the best by far appears to be WordPress.
  • It has regular updates and bug fixes, and there are hundred of plug-ins your client can add to give it that special touch. Many companies are using WordPress due to its functionalities and its ability to have multiple users.

Hope that helps 🙂

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Regarding Content Management System software


You can give them a rough idea of how to change the things in a website and then you can told them how it is possible to do this. If they want some technical change then how it can be maintain and also if it is possible to make their website as a template then it will be the better solution of the problem.

Because if the website based on template then they can make any kind of changes them self and it will solve their problem. Also it is easy to modify the website templates and any one with basic knowledge can do this easily.

And i think that this is the best solution in your problem. Other thing is the front page program which comes with the Microsoft office and it can be used to edit and maintain site if the site doesn't contains some critical info or work. It will help them a lot to under stand and modify website as they desire.

Karen cruise.


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