Microsoft SQL Server error appears in my all database backups

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Hello everybody,

Please read my problem and post your answers.

[Local Copy] No database file found for 'Microsoft SQL Server 
The above error appears in my all database backups. Recently I changed the server host name and since then I keep getting this. The server hasn't at all. It's down to a change in ISP and IP at the server end.
So I can see why the error is occurring – The old backups are in a different folder with the old server's host name. I can see looking around the local data store for the backups that things are organized under folders with names of the host name of the server.
I could not get to know the exact reason for this. Please share your experiences.
I’ll be grateful to you!
Thank you.
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Microsoft SQL Server error appears in my all database backups


Hi Hollis Riley,

Normally, this error occurs when server host name has changed  as well as you haven't configured your database properly.

In database backups, it stores all the information about all the data existed at the time you took the back up.

Since you have changed the server name backups can't fine the old path. That's the reason for getting that error.


Try old server name. That will really work

Try virtualbox and install server freshly and try backups with old server name.

If it does not work you'll have to reinstall SQL server .






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