Microsoft Office Documet unable to perform for cotaining custom code

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The download and installation went pretty well and good without any problem in the computer. However, the problem triggered when I try to perform some actions with Microsoft office document. The error states that this document contains custom code that cannot be loaded. Please guide me to solve this error. Thanks a lot.


Microsoft Office Document Customization

This document contains custom code that cannot be loaded because the location is not in your trusted locations list:

If you trust this document you can save and open it from a location on your computer. For more information, see

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Microsoft Office Documet unable to perform for cotaining custom code



“Trusted Location” is a filtering method that MS Office products use to identify safe or unsafe file types or file locations. As you don’t have the folder listed inside your “Trusted locations”, you’re having such error. In this case, you can’t open the file.

The easiest way is to copy the file from there and paste it to another place which is trusted.

This problem also can be solved by adding the location to your “Trusted locations” list.

  1. Open the program that associates with the file type.
  2. From the “Microsoft Office” button, click “<software_name> Options”.
    Here, software_name indicates the program you’re using, for example, PowerPoint, Excel, Access etc.
  3. From the left panel, click “Trust Center”.
  4. Find out the button “Trust Center Settings” and click it.
  5. Click “Trusted Locations”.
  6. Check the box saying “Allow trusted locations on my network (not recommended)”.
  7. Click “Add new location”.
  8. In the “Path” box, type the folder path you wish to add to trusted location list.
  9. Click “OK”.

Now you won’t have to be bothered with such trusted location error.

Also, you can find more detailed information from this link.

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