Mia_exposure_photographic and portal light problem

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Hi. I had some tutorials for DT for the past few days and I found some very useful information.

But I am facing a problem when I tried it on my own work. I keep looking on some forums but had not found any problems similar to mine.

Please take a look at the below photo.


On the render image above, I put some geometry beyond and an image for a background plate as a plain exterior shader that consists of an image file and gamma node.

But it seems that it renders with mia_exposure_simple and not with mia_exposure_photographic. I put some portal lights as the lightning with an image of a sun and sky and I also changed the value of RGB of it for the mia_exposure_photographic rendering.


Any thoughts on how I can do it correctly?

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Mia_exposure_photographic and portal light problem


I think that you need to set priorities here first. Since you said that you want to use mia photographic exposure, so it would be better if you remove any previous exposures you have used with the image.

Once removed, now apply the mia exposure photographic and see if it works or not.

If it still don’t work then see the layers of the edited things on the right side mostly, to see where the software is placing this effect. If it is underneath the sunlight and other stuff, then bring it to front or on top of them and then render again.

Simple layers up and down will solve the problem.

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