Method To Convert Binary Into Decimal Using Any Tool

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I was learning methods of digital data storage in computer memory. I want to convert binary into decimal numbers so that I can understand a piece of machine code. How can I do it?

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Method To Convert Binary Into Decimal Using Any Tool


The computer understands only machine language. The machine language comprises only of two bits, 0s, and 1s since there are only two states a semiconductor device can be. Either high conduction state or low resistive state. But humans are not comfortable with this notation hence it is necessary to convert binary numbers into decimal which is a lot more comfortable to understand.

Here is how you can convert binary numbers into decimal.
1. Write down the number with MSB to the extreme left.
2. Starting from 0 and counting, number each bit starting from LSB.
3. Raise each number as a power of two
4. Multiply the numbers by corresponding bit
5. Add all the numbers. The resultant number is decimal equivalent of the binary number

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