Merge graphic fireworks to graphical pictures together

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How to merge a graphic fireworks? I am on the process of studying the fireworks application. I would like to ask some of you about the merging of graphics in this software. Is there a feature that will allow to merge to graphical pictures together?

Waiting for your support, thank you.

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Merge graphic fireworks to graphical pictures together


Please refer to the following instructions in order to merge images in Fireworks software.

1. First open a new window within the application.

2. Choose your background color to the Canvas.

3. Then select the first image you want to merge.

4. Then select control x after selecting the image.

5. Then import the image that you want to merge with the original image and resize it to the original canvas size you selected on the first step.

6. Then import all images you want to merge and resize them to the same size.

7. Then select the second image you imported and select modify. Then select the mask option and paste it as a mask.

8. Then again select the second image you selected above and edit it. Then paste it and send it back to the merged effect. If you were able to perform the above steps correctly you'll see the merging effect on the image.

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