Memory card for my phone

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i have a used but full of space 4gb memory card but i wanted to know if i put it on my phone if i can get a virus on my android phone 

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Memory card for my phone


Hello Quiqui,

Simply putting a memory card that is full on your android phone does not mean that your phone will be infected, not unless the contents you have on the flash are infected by a virus. What you will need to do to ensure that you do not put the phone at the risk of being infected is the following:

  • Make you sure that you scan the memory card on a computer that has a strong and up to date antivirus. In case infected files are found then be sure to remove them.
  • Also make sure that you scan the phone if you do not want to put the contents of the memory card at the danger of being lost. There are antiviruses for phones and therefore you should get one and install on your phone.

Hope this helps.




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Memory card for my phone


I don’t think so. Viruses come from applications that are infected. Not unless your memory card has an infected APK file and you run it and install the infected app then that’s the time your phone gets infected. But if your memory card only contains photos, it won’t harm your phone. Also, if your memory card is empty, there’s no reason for your phone to get infected.

To make sure your phone won’t get infected by any Android malware, download apps only from trusted sources such as the Google Play store. You can also install an antivirus app on your Android handset to make it more secure. This way, all your activities on the internet and when you are installing apps, your antivirus can monitor and detect possible virus carriers.

If it is inevitable for you to download apps outside of the Google Play store, download it on your computer first then transfer it to your phone’s internal storage. Once the APK file is in your internal storage, scan it with your antivirus to detect any malicious code hiding in the app. Once the antivirus confirms the file is clean, this is the only time you begin installing it.

This way, the APK file you’ll be downloading is not automatically installed on your phone once the file is downloaded. Though it is not possible to detect a virus on an APK file using your computer’s antivirus, the antivirus on your Android phone can do it after copying the file to your phone’s internal storage.

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