Memory card error in android mobile

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Android experts please,

I have a smart phone with android 1.5.

A separate 2 GB memory card is installed with 70% free space on the memory card.

I have configured the DEFAULT downloading to this memory card instead of phone memory.

From the very first day, I am facing the problem that whenever I try to down load a program, I receive the error that there is not enough memory to download this program, although the file / program is in kbs.

However, if I try to transfer any file via the usb cable or Blue tooth, the files are easily loaded on the memory card without any error. Is this an Android issue? Or something to do with the configuration I made?



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Memory card error in android mobile


This is not only happening on smart phones but in ordinary mobile phones as well. It is an issue between the hardware and the software, your smart phone and the program or system that runs and opens it. This is not actually a defect or some sort on the device. The device just needs some time for the new setting to take effect.

The change in the setting that you did was already applied on the device and it only needs some time for the changes in the setting to take effect. This is a common problem in Nokia phones where you can not change any of its settings anymore because it always goes back to its previous configuration.

And sometimes it’s hard to save an entry in the phonebook because it gives you an error of some kind and the only solution that we could think of is formatting the phone by pressing some key combinations on the phone’s keypad.

In your case, check again the settings for the right download path if it is set on your memory card and not in the phone memory. Check every setting on the smart phone that you could find.

If all are in place, turn off your phone and then remove the battery for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, insert the battery back and then turn on your phone and try to download something to test if the setting is already in effect.

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