Many files have disappered after OS X Maverick update.

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I really don't know what has happened to my MacBook. I updated it to the Maverick and almost all files have disappeared from my MacBook. How did the files disappear for no reason? Is there a way I can get those files back? What might have caused the files to disappear?

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Many files have disappered after OS X Maverick update.

  1. If your Mac starts up as if it’s a new installation, create a dummy user.  For this example, I will use Test and the username.
  2. Log on to the Test user, and navigate to the “Users” folder. You should see 3 folders, the Test user you just created, the “Shared” folder and a folder for your old user account.  Take note of the spelling for your older user account.
  3. Click on “System Preferences”, then “Users & Groups”
  4. Make sure that your old user account (which you are trying to log into) is not greyed out list of users.
  5. Generate a new user account with the exact name of your older user account you are trying to log onto
  6. It should say “A folder with that user already exists, do you want to use the existing folder?”  Click on “Use existing folder”.
  7. After it has run for a few minutes, you should see the Test user name in the right-hand side on the menu bar
  8. Click on “System Preferences”, then “Sharing” and change the computer name to anything besides ‘Test Computer’
  9. Everything should be back to normal.  Log out and log back into your old account and all your files and folders should be there.

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