Making partitions in Hard Disk

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How can I make partitions in my Hard Disk without deleting or formatting any data?

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Making partitions in Hard Disk


Hi Jonathan Caldwell,

You must probably want to secure the safety of your Windows Installation from corruption or attacks of annoying viruses, or just manage files and folders in your computer through separating it into a another sector of your hard drive called partitioning the hard disk. It is easy and simple though using a bootable windows installation; however, the file is formatted; thereby, deleting all the files. Anyway, you can still partition your drive without even losing any file through unwanted formatting. Here is how to do it.

1. Open Computer Management. In Windows XP, it is easily found in Control Panel. In Windows Vista and 7, it is found in Control Panel > Safe and Security.

2. Click Disk Management > Wait for the resources to load.

3. Once it is finished, right click on the hard drive you want to be partitioned -> Click Shrink Volume.

4. Shrink the volume as you please.

5. After a new partition is created, format the partition to create a new drive.

6. Restart your computer when done.

Mathew Joni

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Making partitions in Hard Disk


If you don’t want to format your hard drive and you want to create a new partition on the existing partition of the drive, there will be a lot of data moving the computer will do to accomplish this. If your present partition occupies the whole hard drive, in order to create the new partition, the original or the existing partition needs to shrink to your desired amount or size to free up some space for the new partition.

To help you with this, you can install PowerQuest Partition Magic or the Norton Partition Magic. See the screenshot below to have an idea. After installing this on your computer, launch the program to see a similar screen like the one below. First, select the drive you want to resize or shrink. After selecting which drive to shrink, click on the button below that says “Resize partitions” then follow the instructions on the succeeding screen.

Just restart your system when the software asks you to for the new changes to take effect. After shrinking the partition, you will see the un-partitioned space on the window of the program. Select the newly created space from the window then click on the button that says “Create new partition”.

This will take you to another screen. Just follow the instructions then restart your computer. But just a reminder, before creating any new partitions on your hard drive, make sure to check your drive for any errors that might interrupt the whole process.

There are errors that sometimes lead to data loss.

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