Mac software Upgrade Error, on quicken

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I am using Quicken essentials for Mac and when I tried to update it I got a problem with the transfer of transactions and it is detected at the process of upgrade.

Please provide me any solution so that it may help me.

Thank you.


A problem with transfer transactions was detected during the upgrade process.
A problem was detected in transactions containing transfers between accounts. Quicken was not able to restore the link between accounts in the affected transactions.

You can identify the transactions affected by sorting your register by the Transfer column and looking for "<ERROR>" and a red icon in that column. You can then update the affected transactions.

For more information about this error, please visit the Quicken Support web site.

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Mac software Upgrade Error, on quicken


Hi Mary,

This error occurs during upgrade process in Mac. Please take note of the following steps to fix the error:
  • In the Transfer Field search for the transactions with the word <Error>. You can do this by selecting Transactions from the Tools section of the side bar, and then select All Dates from the Date filter which is at the top, and then sort the register by the Transfer column. The string should sort close to the beginning of the list, after the fields that are left blank. NOTE: If you do not see the Transfer column, click on the gear icon in the upper right and hit Transfer.
  • After doing the steps above successfully please replace “<ERROR>” with the appropriate account name
  • And then you have to save the changes made.
NOTE: Once successfully done there is a possibility that it may create a duplicate entry in the account on the other end of the transfer but you need not to worry because you can navigate to the other account register and delete the old extra transaction. Hint, the old extra transaction is the one that has nothing on it in the transfer field.
If in case during the process you’ll encounter different errors please click on this link
I hope the information was helpful.
Good luck and thank you.

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