MAC address problems especially subnet

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If your MAC address is 10. 0. 0. 0 class A, with forty sub networks, and you need to put sixty more new ones ASAP. However, you would prefer to provide for the greatest amount of machine IDS for each sub network. In such as case, which subnet mask must be provided??? 

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MAC address problems especially subnet


All sub networks has it's own assigned Mac Address and subnet mask to communicate with the network. When adding additional 6 sub networks, you'll need to assign subnet mask

This subnet mask should be use to add 6 more sub networks on the networking. This is because that the total numbers of subnets are at 100, that is less than 128, meaning 7 bits of second octate and also 1 bit of second octate where 3rd and 4th octate is host ID contributing to host ID's.

So, in total will equal to 2 to the power of 17 with the use of the formula;

2^6<100<2^7 or 64<100<128
Number of subnets are the following 2^7 = 128 (No of 1's are 7)
Number of host per subnet are follows 2^17-2 = 131080 (No of 0's are 17)


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MAC address problems especially subnet


If you are using many computers on the similar network, what I should realize about the subnet mask is that they are not supposed to vary. With only one way you can change the subnet mask is if you use dissimilar classes while allocating the IP address (Internet Protocol) on similar network, which can be separated into different small sub networks

Four different classes you can use the following subnet masks for the same network.

  •, for class A this is the default subnet mask.
  •, for class B this is the default subnet mask, but can be customized by dividing a Class A network using 8 bits for the subnet ID.
  • Is the default subnet mask for class  C

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