Lost some of the very important files, can they be recovered?

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While working on a text file and saving it later in Documents, I accidentally deleted that file and now I want it back, is there any way to recover that data? Where does the permanently deleted data go actually? I am using Windows 8.1 currently. Suggest any free software to recover lost files.

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Lost some of the very important files, can they be recovered?



1.When you delete a file from computer, technically, the file is not deleted from the hard disk. Only the first letter of the file name is removed from the File Allocation Table (FAT). As a computer user, we know that, it is deleted permanently. It is in the FAT, all the file names are marked. The stored area of the deleted file will be utilized next time when we store a file size bigger than the deleted one. Which means, if you have stored a bigger files after deleting a file, the chances of recovery is not possible.

2. To recover such a deleted file, there are many data recovery soft wares in the market. Some are available free downloads. Few as below

A.  Orion File Recovery and Drive Scrubber Software

B. Puran File Recovery.

C.Pandora Recovery.


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Lost some of the very important files, can they be recovered?


When a file gets deleted permanently, it disappears completely from your hard drive and can’t be recovered. This can happen when the file gets overwritten or when you shred your drive. Shredding a drive will permanently delete any previously deleted files and folders.

If you are referring “Documents” to “My Documents” folder located in “C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents” and you save your deleted file to this folder, I’m not sure if you can successfully recover that file because the drive where it is located is frequently accessed. To successfully recover a deleted file, the drive where the file is originally located must not receive any write task like copying of files.

No files and folders must be written or created to the drive to protect the deleted file from getting overwritten. To try recovering your deleted file, download PC Tools Performance Toolkit and install it. Once installed, start PC Tools then go to “Recovery” tab and click “Recover Lost Files”. On the next screen, configure the settings and select the drive where the file is stored.

You can also set the file type for a much refined search. When everything’s ready, click “Start Scan” to begin scanning the drive for deleted files. Since the file is located in “My Documents” folder, the chance of recovering the file one hundred percent (100%) is very slim because the operating system writes and deletes files and folders on the drive thousands of times as it operates.

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