Looking for open source PHP script SEO tool.

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I’m new to SEO and was wondering if someone may suggest me a good open source PHP script SEO tool, also other suggestions regarding SEO are welcome as well. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Looking for open source PHP script SEO tool.


You are in need of some PHP scripts and those must be open source. You want them for your SEO sites. You can find many good scripts on that criteria. You also wanted some tips on SEO matters. You will get a good deal of assistance on the net if you can find how to use them in your work level. However, you better look on these links below to find what you needed. You will get better results if you try hard to learn what these actually made of and for. Here are the links:

Here you will find some good PHP scripts which shall make things easy:

This link also shall provide with more basic PHP scripts:

For your SEO success, you can get some better tips here:

Hope these shall help you.


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