Looking for a bootable test cpu memory download

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Hello friends, I wonder if you can help me with a problem. Sometimes, while I'm playing a game (a mmorpg), my screen froze and if I don’t restart the computer I get a blue screen. Is there any bootable test cpu memory download that I could use to find my problem? Thank you.


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Looking for a bootable test cpu memory download


Hello Kierstenrhiannon

One of main cause for frozen game could be your system. Check that if your system meets the game's recommended requirements for playing. Requirements should be mentioned on the Game DVD cover or you can also check at the link below

If you get a blue screen, main reason could be the hardware malfunction while playing the game which also leads to the system requirements placed by the game.

You can also check online to see if your system can run the game or not. Visit to check.

Hope this Information would help!!

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Looking for a bootable test cpu memory download


Greetings Kierstenrhiannon,

Seems like you have some hardware PC issues. This could be caused by many things. Bad motherboard, GPU, RAM memory. If you are using any overclocking make sure you disable it.

First thing that I would look into is the working temperatures of your computer. Download HWMonitor and while playing your game try to alt tab to it and check the temperatures. Compare them to the default working temperatures that are shown on your parts specifications. If you see overheating problem you'll need to install new coolers. Also check if every cooler in your PC is running smoothly.

Dust your PC as well it can help. Dust increases the temperature of your PC components.

Download the latest drivers of your graphic card (GPU).

Reduce the graphic settings in your game. Set them to lowest and see if the problem persists. If its gone then it's probably your graphic card.

Remove your RAM sticks and dust the area where they stand. Reinsert them. If you have more slots that are empty try using those slots instead of previous ones.

Hope that I helped you,

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