Listing Error occurred while transferring funds

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Listing Error is the newest error that my iPhone gives me. Now the problem is a little bit important because is about money and I might lose some. Does anyone have any idea about this error ? What is the problem ?

Thanks !

Listing Error

Funds from your sales will be unavailable and show as pending in your PayPal account for a period of time. Learn more: (SOA.Trading.Selling.Application.121917236)


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Listing Error occurred while transferring funds


The money is still there, you have not lost anything.

Listing error appears because your account doesn't meet all three of these criteria:

1. It's been more than 90 days since your first successful sale

2. You've had more than 25 sales transactions

3. You've had more than $250 in total sales.

Payments from buyers become immediately available to the sellers who meet all the criteria listed above.

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