Lag in Samsung S Duos while using

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In my Samsung Galaxy S Duos, a lag is coming after some time again and again. Because of this lag, when I tab any contact for call, the call is not connected immediately. Infact, I have to restart my phone most of the times. If I retap the contact and wait for some minutes or so, it will dial the call and as I disconnect it, it again reconnect it without any further command. I am really pissed off with such a messy behaviour of my phone. Can you please tell me, why all this is happening and what is the solution?

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Lag in Samsung S Duos while using


At first, I thought of recommending doing a soft reset on your Samsung phone but since you frequently reboot your handset and still nothing happens, it will be useless. Try this one. Turn off your phone, open the back cover, and then remove the battery as well as the SIM card.

After maybe 5 to 10 minutes, reinstall the battery and the back cover but not the SIM card. Start the phone and see if the unit still shows lag. If the phone works normally again, insert the SIM card then see if it’s still the same. But in case the phone is still slow with or without a SIM card, check the available memory on the phone.

You can view the available RAM in the task bar. If you have very little RAM left, close any running applications. This should improve the phone’s performance. But if you have plenty of RAM and the phone still lags, try doing a factory reset. Before you do this, make sure to backup your phone’s data because everything will be erased.

Since the phone only lags and you are still able to use the menu, open the application list then go to Settings, Privacy, Factory data reset, Reset phone, and then tap “Erase everything”. See if this fixes the problem.

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