Lightroom import catalog error encountered

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I am using Lightroom for my photos and I normally catalog these images to be organized. 

I tried importing two (2) catalogs into one (1) when I got this error message, see screenshot below.  

Well, I have just upgraded from version 2 to 3 and I did not experience this when I used version 2 to catalog my images. 

It was just a simple import so I may have not missed anything. 

You guys here might help me and show me what’s causing the problem.  

Thanks in advance.

Lightroom could not import this catalog because of an unknown error.


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Lightroom import catalog error encountered




Your problem occurs if the catalog you're trying to import  was upgraded from Lightroom 2 to Lightroom 3, and there are photos in catalog that are missing or offline. Try the following:

  1. In the working catalog, go to Library — Show Photos in SubFolder  and make sure this feature is unchecked. This will give you an image count for each individual photo in your catalog.
  2. In the Grid View, make sure you have Index Numbers turned on to count the actual thumbnails. You can turn on Index Numbers by right clicking a thumbnail in Grid View, choosing View Options, and then checking Index Numbers.
  3. Now go through folder by folder and match the folder image count on the left, to the index number count in the Grid View. In my case there were 3 TIF files that Lightroom was not seeing.
  4. Next I saved the metadata to the files in the folder with the missing images by going to Metadata — Save Metadata to Files.
  5. Highlight the folder on the left, right click, and select Remove to temporarily remove the folder from your catalog.
  6. Now go back to the file menu and choose Import Photos to re-import the folder. In my case the image counts now matched up, and I was able to import the working catalog into my master catalog.

I hope this helps.




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