LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

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Hello expert,

Just I have loaded the LifeCam Software 3.0 and after that I got this error message when launching the Webcam,

“LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. ” 

I loaded it from a disk. Because of this error I removed this software and then downloaded it from the Microsoft Website. 

After downloading, I launched the Webcam again and I got the same error.

What is the problem?? Please help.


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LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close


This problem is occurred to lot of users who actually using LifeCam. First check whether your system requirements match with the your system info.

If all are correct then it should work fine. If it doesn't work then do this process first locate the files in this location naming

Drive:Program FilesMicrosoft LifeCamEffectsVisual

then locate all the 04 Geometric files and cut all those files and paste in a temporary directory. Now restart the system and check whether LifeCam works or not. Mostly it should work if it doesn't work download the latest tool and install it in your system. This is the only solution that LifeCam supports.

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LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close


Hi Evelyndnell!

Please make sure you have enough Memory to run this application 1 GB or higher. If you have enough memory and still encounter this problem, try this.

1. Click Start button, type appwiz.cpl and click the result. This will open the Control Panel Uninstall Programs (see image below).

2. After installation, you need to download the latest version.

3. Visit this link Software Downloads | Microsoft Hardware

4. Select Webcams from the Select type of product.

5. Select LifeCam from the Select your product.

6. Select the Windows Operating System you are using from the Select your operating system.

7. Click Go and download the installer.

8. Now install the application and it should work now.

Note: image used is my property.

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LifeCam.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close


Hello Evelyn

You will need to ensure that your computer specifications meets the minimum video, processor as well as the memory requirements that are required for the LifeCam to run properly.

  • First you will have to open the system information tool, and then do the following:
  • If you are using windows vista or windows 7, click Start on your computer and then type msinfo32 in the search and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  • For windows XP and other earlier versions, you will need to click Start on your computer, and then click Run. In the box that will come up type msinfo32 and then click OK.
  • Go to the left side of the window and click on System Summary. Take note of the processor that your system is using as well as the Installed Physical Memory.
  • Still on the left hand side, expand the components. After that click display and take note of the Adapter RAM value.
  • Check the USB option, and then look for a list of controllers. In the event that the controllers are enhanced then your computer's USB is 2.0

After all that is done exit the System Information Tool.



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