Let me know, why we use Disaster Recovery Plan

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Hello, I need some answers about the following
What are the stages in Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)? What is the goal of DRP? How can I restore clouded back up? What is online backup and how is this doing? What are the cloud computing security challenges? How to compare between online backup and remote backup? Thank You

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Let me know, why we use Disaster Recovery Plan


Hello Thomas!

The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is to improve/coup-up normal system operation in a short period of time.

The main goal of DRP is to secure the data and information, recover all data in a short period of time.

1. Recovering organization’s activities and how all information are interconnected.

2. Checking the group’s susceptive impact between operation, storage, equipment, data and event planning.

3. Minimizing the effects in all levels of organization in the event of the disaster.

4. Create a short-term recovery plan.

5. Create a long-term recovery plan, how to recover to normal business operations and setting the main goal in order for the functions to resume.

6. Tough and reliable maintenance and updates in the of the business changes.

Clouded Back-up and Online-Backup

These back-ups are the same. Making a replica of data in a public network to a remote server. This is one of the best options that we can use to store our data and information. This is one of the best option to store data since we can store unlimited data up to 1TB. The challenges in cloud computing is that you will be only allowed to a specific storage. Unlike in other back up options, you will be the one to initiate the storage capacity of the data to be stored. This will require administrative passwords. This is essential in DRP, because we have an option to recover any information in fast-paced-option and recovery of data anywhere.

Remote Back-up

Storing data, files, and folders in to a secured data server. We can retrieve information to its physical form by accessing the storage in a computer in the recovery stage. The difference in these with the previous stage is that the data is stored in a server whether it is online or not, maybe through LAN connection. Not unlike in online back-up, we retrieve information in an online website provider. Remote back-up is also a process where the administrator can extend the capacity of storage hardware.

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