Lenovo recorder app for Thinkpad tablet

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I want to further customize my Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet.  I want to know if there is a Lenovo recorder app for my tablet.  My current recorder is recording sounds distorted and this is getting very annoying.  Is there any other Lenovo recorder apps out there that can make this tablet record better sounds?

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Lenovo recorder app for Thinkpad tablet



Hi Dorrington

I have also an Android device and it is Samsung Galaxy S. I am also not satisfied with my audio recorder built its application. Because the quality of sound that it renders is not that good. There are also default noises that you can hear when you are playing your recorded audio.

So I decided to have a new Android app that can record an audio with a higher quality of sounds and less noise up. I am glad because I am now using Tape -a– Talk voice recorder.

With 4.5 stars average rating in Google Playstore. I can really say that this is the best audio recorder for Android devices. It has a high quality output, pause and play function, seek with the use of volume keys and lots of useful features.

If you want to check it on a Google Play Website, here is the link:

Tape -a– Talk voice recorder – Google Play

I hope this helps.

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Lenovo recorder app for Thinkpad tablet



Hi Dorrington Annie
Try this recording application(Voice Recorder 2.0.6) for Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet. This is available at this link: 
Voice Recorder 2.0.6 is a simple voice recorder for Android devices.
Voice Record 2.0.6 record all you like with this handy app.
It will play all your audio files and it will recorder all audio files which you played to make new audio records.
You can also download recorder application from this link:

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