Leave one value empty to let KMyMoney calculate

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I just allocated all the information including the final amortization amount when I performed this action the following error displayed on my screen. I have tried several times to correct my error but the error still persists. How can I remove this annoying error message? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Calculation error KmyMon

Calculation error – KmyMon

You have entered mismatching information. Please back up to the appropriate page and update your figures Or leave one value empty to let KMyMoney calculate it for you.

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Leave one value empty to let KMyMoney calculate


    the problem that you are facing is very common but a little tricky!

The error says that you are not using proper data types for calculations or in other words
for example "you might be trying to sum a number with a name"

The solution for this problem is very simple, all you have to do is,
1. First of all check the functions that you are trying to apply for automation.
2. Kindly make it sure that the data types are compatible with the operation that you are trying to perform on them.
3. Once the data types match the operation the error will vanish!

Hope it helps you! 🙂
If the problem persists please attach an image of similar data if actual is not possible, that will be much more helpful in pin pointing the problem.

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