By Learning How To Add Memory To Computer

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Hi. My PC is out of memory due to which its speed is getting affected. I would like to add more RAM to my PC. I am a Windows user. What are the steps to follow as to how to add memory to computer? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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By Learning How To Add Memory To Computer


 Hi. To learn how to add memory to computer, follow the below-given steps-

1) First, according to the needs of the PC, select the type of RAM which is the most appropriate for the desktop

2) Find the number of sockets which have been reserved for the RAM

3) Select the most appropriate manufacturer of RAM. You can browse it online. Some of these manufacturers include Corsair, Kingston, A-Data and many more

4) After the manufacturer and the storage has been decided, you can buy the RAM from the desired manufacturer

5) Shut down the computer and unplug all the devices

6) Now, open the computer case so that the motherboard can be accessed

7) Make sure that the computer is not connected to any plug point so that you don’t get electric current

8) Then, find out where are the RAM sockets located. Mostly, they are present near the central processing unit

9) If you want to upgrade the RAM, then remove the old RAM first by releasing the clamps present on each side of the socket

10) Now place the new RAM in place

11) Then, insert the RAM in the slot provided by inserting it in the slots

12) Now, using compressed air, remove the dust from the computer

13) After the RAM has been placed, close the computer and put the screws back on

14) Then, put the computer on and after the self-test appears on the screen, verify that the RAM has been installed correctly or not

15) Then check the memory available by clicking on start>My computer>right-click to open properties

16) The Memset test can be run to ensure that the memory has been installed correctly

Hope we helped.

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