Learn the steps to recover password excel 2010

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Hi. I forgot my Excel password. So, I would like to know the steps to be followed so as to recover password excel 2010. Also, what are the steps to remove the permissions on Excel worksheet? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Learn the steps to recover password excel 2010


Hi. The steps to be followed to recover password excel 2010 are as follows-

1) Install the Excel password version on the PC

2) Click on open and then add the workbook to the encrypted file box

3) In the type of attack list, select the recovery type and make settings in the box

4) Then, recover the Excel open password by running the recovery program from the start menu The steps to remove permissions from the Excel workbook are-

1) Open Excel worksheet 2) Under the review menu, click on unprotected sheet

3) Type the password which you want to set

4) In case any changes are to made to the workbook, first unprotect the workbook by clicking on protect workbook from the review menu and then type in the password and click on OK.

Hope we helped.

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