Learn Sharepoint 2010 Online Free To Improve Your Performance.

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SharePoint is a tool that stores, manages and retrieves information. It can also prepare, visualize and sort your data. It is an all-rounder application that can have a great impact on your performance. How to learn SharePoint 2010 online free?

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Learn Sharepoint 2010 Online Free To Improve Your Performance.


What is SharePoint?

  • It is a tool made by Microsoft.
  • It allows document sharing along with collaboration.
  • All the data is stored and organized in this centralized tool.
  • It is a platform that allows doing various workplace tasks.

SharePoint Site:

Site gives a platform where one member shares the information and other members can access it.

All the up gradation and storing of the documents is done automatically. No one has to ask anyone for it. The maker can decide who can access the site.

Search value:

Collect all the data being produced in your entire firm.

This can be tedious if the business is huge. That is why search is important feature of SharePoint. It is beneficial to have the whole team’s content at a single location. Having the insight at one place is better than the contents scatters in different HDD or laptops.


  • Foundation blocks of SharePoint.
  • Everything created is stored in a list.
  • It can be updated without creating a new version.
  • It can be synced with the Outlook users.
  • A user can access, add, edit the contents of the list anytime and anywhere. Libraries:
  • They contain all the contents and documents associated with each customer.
  • They are lists. Column:
  • They can add information to the list.
  • They organize the documents to sort, filter and group them.

These are the basic parts of SharePoint and all the people of an organization should know these to work efficiently.

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