Launching the R Console was Cancelled

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I was configuring the R Environment and have entered /x64 in the box next to Architecture. But then I encountered the following error alert:

Here's the screenshot of the error.

Problem Occurred

Launching the R Console was canceled, because it seems starting the R engine failed. Please make sure that R package ‘rj’ (0.5.5 or compatible) is installed and that the R library paths are set correctly for the R environment configuration R.

Process Error Log:

Show Error Log Details >> OK

Any ideas how to make it work?

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Launching the R Console was Cancelled


You get this error because you did not do these steps. So follow this steps so that you cannot encounter the error.

  1. Run Configuration
  2. Go to left pane and then click R console. By doing this, it will create new run configuration. You need to change the name to “R 2.10 “without the double quote.
  3. Then click R_Config tab. Select “Selected Configuration” then click the “Configure…” button.
  4. Then click Add. Change the “Location (R_Home):” to this one “/user/lib/R” then click “Detect Default Properties/Settings” then Click “Ok”

 If you will not do these steps you will get that error.

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