The Latest Updates On Mobile Gameboy Products And Devices

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What are the latest updates on Mobile Gameboy? How is Mobile Gameboy fairing currently on the game world market? Are there any challenges to consider that you believe the Mobile Gameboy company is facing? Are there any positive stuffs to consider that can increased the interest of consumers to purchase Mobile Gameboy products when done consistently for a couple of years?

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The Latest Updates On Mobile Gameboy Products And Devices


The Nintendo Game Boy produced in 1987 by Gunpei Yokoi and his R&D1 team has experienced several evolutional changes for the past 25 years ago. Before the years of smart phones, the Nintendo Game Boy was the Number One pick as well as the most popular handheld or portable gaming device in the world of Portable Game System Market.

Although the Game Boy has a monochrome display Screen feature, was able to capture the interest of purchasers with its stock of several quality games like Super Mario Land, Tetris, Pokémon, and so on. The price for purchasing this game system was cheaper as compared to other portable game devices. Game Boy has contributed vastly to the progress of today’s mobile gaming devices.

The Game Boy Pocket released into the Market in the year 1997 was small with a much cleaner and better Liquid Crystal Display Screen quality. The new pocket Game Boy was considerably lighter in weight than initial. The users of the initial Game Boy as well as the Pocket Game Boy till now have enjoyed and witness more than 650 game units not forgetting its diverse accessories introduced.

Although the Nintendo Game Boy is ranked 3rd to the Nintendo DS as the best ever selling game console in the world of Portable Game Device Market, the release of the new Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles are more or less projected to be far and much more potent and effective than the it. The Game Boy and the DS are considered equally the two iconic brands of Nintendo with respect to the full story of their developments in portable game devices and systems. This New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld device delivers a double or double screen display with 4.88-inch stereoscopic 3D display screen as well as having much faster processors. The New Nintendo 3DS can also brag of some positive features like a well definite 3D effect on its glass-free screen display, a face-scanning technology which finds the precise position of the user’s face, hence making the 3D Screen Display adjustable. There're also other great features worth seeing for yourselves which I wish I could let them all out.

A view was taken asking people, which memorable model would they like to be transformed or broken into a smartphone and out of this survey, a phone developer named Pierre Cerveau, has built a smartphone device having all that the enthusiasts of Nintendo game may possibly be dreaming of materializing in a giving smartphone. It is called Smart Boy (which is tagged as a Game Boy inspired smartphone).

However, the Hyperkin Company has developed the Smart Boy in such a way that one can play all old carts on his smartphone. Today, despite the small decline in Nintendo Game Boy due to the emergence of smartphones, the Smart Boy produced has even made it easier for all lovers of Nintendo Game Boy.

The move of Nintendo filing for Patent to enable all old games of Game Boy playable on mobile devices and tablets will go a long way to increase the fun base of Game Boy. 

Considering all the various  efforts (transitions and developments surfaced) of innovations by Nintendo to meet consumers' satisfaction and interest make it clear that the influence of Nintendo in portable game design lasts to be felt to this day and I know it will last for ever.

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