Laptop speakers are not working

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I have had my Asus laptop for about a year, and within the past day or two I have noticed the speakers are not working. I have checked the volume settings and I am definitely not on mute and the volume is turned up high. Is there anything I can check or run to see if it is indeed the speakers, and what can I do to resolve this issue? Thank you.

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Laptop speakers are not working


Hello James!


There are many ways to configure and make your speakers work properly. We can follow some of my expert solutions and alternative also to resolve your problem.

Replenish your Sound Card.

1. In refreshing your sound card, right-click on My Computer icon from the Desktop.

2. Select Manage. New window will pop-up

3. From your window, select Device Manager. Drop down the Audio I/O devices.

4. Right-click and select “Disable”. Wait for 30 seconds and “Enable” it again.

Update your Sound Card’s Driver and Software.

1. I will recommend uninstalling the device’s driver and software first before doing this process.

2. From the Start button, select Control Panel.

3. Look for Device Manager and click it. Lists of system devices will pop-up in your screen.

4. Drop-down the Audio I/O lists, right-click on the first device you will see and select “Update Driver Software”.

5. Do this for the rest of the devices listed.

Select the Proper Input and Output Devices.

1. Right-click the volume icon from your taskbar and select “Playback Devices”.

2. In the Playback tab, make sure that your laptop speakers are set default. Usually it will appear (generic speakers).

3. SPDIF device must be showing and configured “Ready”.

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Laptop speakers are not working


If you can’t hear a sound on your laptop’s internal speakers though the volume is set up high, check first if the sound card is working. Even if laptops have built-in speakers, it still relies on the sound card. If the sound card driver is not installed, you will also not hear anything from the speakers.

To check if the sound card is working, get an earphone or headset and plug it in to the audio jack on the side of the laptop then try playing some music on your computer. If you hear the music playing, it means the sound card is working and the problem is with the internal speakers.

But if you don’t hear the music playing, it can be either the sound card is not working or you haven’t installed the driver yet for the sound card. Without the driver, the sound card will not work. If you don’t have the installer for your sound card, you can always download it from your computer manufacturer’s website.

For HP laptops, go to HP Customer Support – Software and Driver Downloads. For Dell computers, go to Dell Product Support. For Lenovo, go to Lenovo PC Technical Support. If the problem is with the speakers, you need to bring it to the nearest service center to get it serviced to have them replace the speakers.

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