Laptop screen image appears but is blur with very less light intensity

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The laptop screen blurs out. It doesn’t turn off fully as when we keep it in standby mode. But the intensity drops to say 1%. I have kept the brightness to around 60%. This doesn’t happen all the time but whenever it happens, I have to go to a dark room and look at the laptop. Only then I can make out what document is open, that too with heavy difficulties and them finally I can shut down safely. What is this indicating to me? Is battery screen dying? Is it a loose connection? How to fix it? Let me know any utility software which can be used to diagnose the health of the screen. By the way, it is 4 year old.

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Laptop screen image appears but is blur with very less light intensity


The problem is due to either loose connection with motherboard and screen or aging of pixels of the screen.

Solution 1:

Check the connection between mother board and monitor.

Solution 2: Using LCD Repair

Step 1: Open the LCD Repair website.

Step 2: Click “Fix My Screen.” Your browser will display a full-screen pattern of rapidly-flashing primary colors. Leave this pattern running on your screen for 10 to15 minutes.

Step 3: Press “Esc” to close the pattern and return to LCD Repair's menu screen. Check to see whether or not the dead pixel is now working again.

Solution 2:  Using JScreenFix

Step 1: Open the JScreenFix website (link in Resources.)

Step 2: Click “Launch JScreenFix.” The site will display a window with a rapidly-changing static-like pattern inside.

Step 3: Click and drag the window over the dead pixel and then let the program run for around 10 minutes. After this time, click the “Back” arrow and then examine the dead pixel to see if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 3:  

Step 1: Add a small piece of adhesive tape to the edge of your monitor directly above the location of your dead pixel. Next, add another small piece of tape to the edge of your monitor directly to one side of the pixel. These pieces of tape will act as co-ordinates to help you locate the dead pixel with your monitor turned off.

Step 2: Turn your computer monitor off.

Step 3: Take the cloth and wrap it around the eraser end of the pencil.

Step 4: Push the eraser end of the pencil against the stuck pixel for around 10 seconds and then release. Repeat this motion 15 to 20 times.

Step 5: Remove the tape and then turn the monitor on. Check to see if the dead pixel is working again.

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