Laptop can detect other wireless networks within range except our own network

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I have setup a wireless network at home using a Netgear Wireless N 300 WNR2000. I used WPA for security and all my laptops were able to connect without problems except for one. It cannot even detect the network at all. When I tried it in a hotspot, it worked. It can detect other networks within the area but not our own. What should i do? 

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Laptop can detect other wireless networks within range except our own network

I don't know the OS of your laptop, but I would like to presume it operates in Windows 7. If there are other versions, I believe you can apply in parallel the procedures that I will share. 
It is probably the info of the router  that is in the memory of that laptop remained different, so that during the automatic setting up of connection, the set registry continually blocking the connection.
This is what you're going to be doing: 
1. On the taskbar (bottom right corner), click the right button of the mouse pointing to the WI-Fi icon (see figure below);

2. Choose "Open network and sharing center" ;

3. Right click the middle of the horizontal line connecting the icon on your computer to the icon of the internet currently inactive (see encircled portion);

4. Wait for diagnostic process taking place;
5. If the router is seen, the window would report as shown below;
6. Then the connection of your computer icon will show connected to the icon of an active internet;
7. If this does not happen, repeat the process, but this time, switch off your router and/or modem WI-Fi. Remain switch off for at least 10 Sec, then switch on again;
8. Go back to number 4 & 5 process;
Other steps that you may try are the following;
1. Do steps 1 and 2 as shown above;
2. Manage wireless networks;
3. Right click on the name of your router;
4. Click "Remove network". The router should disappear;
5. Turn-off and on  the router and/or WI-Fi modem;
6. Find the name of your device and click to connect;
7. Type in the password, if any;
In your next connection, this should let you connect automatically;
If this remains unresolved, consult the device to the service center or you may hire the services of a technician.

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