LabVIEW installation has encountered an error

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I Installed LabVIEW 8.2.1 on my PC, and drivers were from Vision Acquisition CD 8.2.1. Now I keep getting the following error when I am trying to install NI-IMAQdx RT 3.0, NI-IMAQ RT 3.7 and NI Vision RT 8.2 on a PXI-8106 Real-Time (RT) Controller.

This software installs and works fine on a PXI-8187. How can I use Vision on PXI 8106 RT controller?

NI-IMAQ server common 2.0.0 requires NIVISSVC 7.1.0

Cannot continue because of the following unresolved dependencies:

NI-IMAQ Server Common 2.0.0 requires NIVISSVC 7.1.0

NI Vision RT 8.2.0 requires NIVISSVC 8.2.0

NI-IMAQdx RT 3.0.0 requires NIVISSVC 8.2.0

NI-IMAQ RT 3.7.0 requires NIVISSVC 8.0.0


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LabVIEW installation has encountered an error


Copy the content of the DC on a folder on the hard disk before you run the installer. Select the Show Hidden Folders while copying the contents of the CD. It is easier for windows to read from the CD than when the installer is running. It is also best to have Windows XP because the Windows Installer 2.0 version is an updated program and will not cause any incompatibility errors. If you do not have this version, go to the Microsoft website and access the Windows Installer Redistributable. Use this to install the appropriate version, reboot your computer,  and reinstall LabView.



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