Knowing the odds between Operating System and Utility Software

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What are the differences between Operating System and utility software? I am eight years old boy who lives in one of the countries in central Africa. I am currently in grade five attending one of the basic government schools. I wish to be a Computer Wizard one day when I grow up. I will be very glad if I get assistance from you. Thank you and I do hope in getting a reply.

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Knowing the odds between Operating System and Utility Software



Operating system and utility software are completely different in their working system and requirement.

Operating system is completely standalone program that doesn’t require any extra components to run. It creates combination of all the hardware and loads important data for running the machine from its core and provides the perfect environment to the user for getting the best of his machine.

Utility softwares are programs that are developed based on the operating systems. Depending on the OS’s (Operating System) execution system, file system and operating method, utility softwares are developed. The OS developers provide SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables developers to create programs for their OS and publish them to the users.

The difference could be told like this:

There are many jewels underground. They’ve no value unless they are discovered and organized. After digging them up, shaping them perfectly, presenting to the customers, they get value.

Just like that, the machine is the jewels underground. Unless users get the perfect environment to use them, they’re useless even if those are the best of the best. The OS makes the environment for working with machine. Thus, the jewels are brought up. Utility software are just the customization to the OS. It makes the user boost up his ability.

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