Java or Python when there are many users

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Hello there!

I just need an expert’s opinion. I’m thinking of whether I should choose Java or Python since I am working on something, where the users may scale over time.

Another thing is, I do not want to use a Blu-ray computer player; I prefer a SATA 24X DVD burner in blue instead.

Can you tell me where to find one?

Thank you.

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Java or Python when there are many users


Hello Lorne Mc,

At lot of times it really comes down to personal preference and skill level with the two languages. If you are looking for a recommendation, I would say Java because I like the fact you can write once and run the application on several platforms. Also, with the Java language compared to Python you can run some of the applications in the browser. While Python is a nice language I believe Java over the long run will work better because it is more scalability. But at the end of the day it really will come down to personal preference, the application size and the platforms you want the application to run on.

Now for the Blu-ray computer player and wanting to use a SATA 24c DVD burner instead. I would say check out sites like and Hope this help and good luck!


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