Is Java a good language to use for programming games?

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I want to learn how to program games and I heard that Java is a good language to use in order to do this. I'm not really sure if this is true, so can anyone give me the pros and cons of using this programming language in creating video games?

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Is Java a good language to use for programming games?


Hello Raymond,

When it comes to programming games C++ is the most widely used language. But when it comes to make a  web-game it will not be useful. The point is Video game language is decided based on what type of game you want to create. There is no such things called best language for the games. 

As you want to learn programming games and you are inexperienced, Please go through below links first. They will provide you the information regarding the game development.

The Positive of JAVA is that It doesn't need to recompile again in different platform provided that Java runtime is available but that is also the disadvantage as due to that the package of runtime download is very heavy and takes up lot of size.

-Scurlock Ward


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