ITM Bankroll Manager software attempting to write a read only database

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Someone please help me with this, the ITM Bankroll Manager software shows this pop-up which says, ”attempting to write a read only database,” then prompts me to click “OK” to ignore and risk data corruption or “Cancel.” What do I do?

And what causes this pop-up?

Thank you very much for reading!

ITM BankRoll Manager
Attempt to write a readonly database.
Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
Press Cancel to kill the program.
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ITM Bankroll Manager software attempting to write a read only database


    The error explains itself as, trying to write at a read only database.

The cause of this error can be,
1. You are trying to insert some value at a place that is not made to take values.
For example:  Someone tries to enter some amount in their bank account that is indeed not allowed to do in case the application automatically gets the current amount from the web.

This error can be removed either by,
1. Changing the destination property to read write, which might not be possible for you to do as its an android application. But if it is possible go ahead and do that.
2. If you are not trying to enter a value at a wrong place, then there can be a bug in the software which is very common these days so you can go for an update of the software. This will solve this issue.

It would be much more easier to pinpoint the problem if you could tell where you tried to insert some value.

Still, hope this serves as a good answer for your question! 🙂

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