IT Problems Solutions

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There are some IT problems, which today’s companies don’t have great solutions yet. Speed/latency/bandwidth problem is a big problem in IT very few people get efficient speed; many people are still waiting for a video to load. The Network is not reached to every people, location yet. Another problem which is faced by internet users is security – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts can be easily hacked by the hackers, and reliable safety is very costly and complicated.

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IT Problems Solutions


First, we will talk about the problem of Speed. Speed of our network is too slow, which irritates while using as the Servers which websites are using are slow, so it takes a lot of time to load the content of a website while browsing. The solution of this problem is to change the web server which can be replaced by following latest technologies –

  • We will use NGINX web server technology to speed up a load of static content of all websites we host
  • For the most popular application such as WordPress use Greeky SuperCacher It speeds up dramatically the serving of dynamic contents of the web pages too
  • Cloudflare CDN makes your webpage load faster in any part of the world by caching its content and distributing it over multiple data centers
  • HTTP/2 is the latest network protocol, which speeds up loading of websites in the web browsers

The Second problem which is faced by users is of security, many accounts can be hacked easily by unauthorized users, and many transactions are going in wrong directions. This IT problem will be solved by the latest Technology which is going to come in the market such as –

  • Intel is going to give the solution of authentication in its new sixth-generation Core vPro processor. It can combine a variety of factors, which enhanced the hardware at the same time to verify the user’s identity
  • User behavior analytics(UBA) is that technology which uses big data analytics to identify unusual behavior by a user
  • Deep Learning which also focuses on the abnormal attitude of a user, it includes no. of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning is coming to enhance the security

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