Does anyone know about thunderbolt?

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Does anyone have any information regarding next-generation thunderbolt data transfer protocol?

How is this different for existing data transfer protocols?

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Does anyone know about thunderbolt?



Intel’s thunderbolt data transfer technology enables data transfer at rates of 10 GBPS. This concept was first introduced in 2009. This technology was basically based on fiber optics.
Thunderbolt is an interface developed to transfer data at high speed, and is based on PCI express architecture. It can also provide power to other devices such as drives, hard disk storage media etc. Another capability is the ability to transfer HD videos. It also allows transfer of data in both the directions simultaneously
Thunderbolt was launched in Macbook launched earlier. 
Using the existing data protocol, in USB 3, only a max transfer rate of 150 Mbps can be obtained, but the potential of thunderbolt is unmatched.
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Does anyone know about thunderbolt?



Thunderbolt Combines the PCI Express and DisplayPort protocols. Jason Ziller, the director of marketing at ThunderBolt claimed that the technology will be considered an “ultrabook” amplify  that gives greater storage.Data transfers are expected to have better Data Transfers and editing will be faster. The Cable management in terms of the number directly attached to the Pc will be reduced maintaining maximum throughput. The next generation thunderbolt data protocol and the current one will come I terms of

1.      Faster data transmission

2.      Cheaper cost

3.      Light peak will provide power to devices

4.      The speed will eventually hit 100Gbps

5.      No protocol breach

6.      Longer cables

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